House rules

You’re all more than welcome to visit Poppodium Boerderij and we hope to create the best possible atmosphere for everyone. In order to keep it that way, we have set up some house rules, a code of conduct if you like, that should be observed by all visitors.

  • Always follow any instructions given by our staff members;
  • You are expected to co-operate with any checks at the door; 
  • NO sexual harassment;
  • NO racism;
  • NO aggression;
  • NO objectionable behaviour;
  • Glassware CANNOT be taken outdoors;
  • Weapons are NOT allowed;
  • Hard and soft drugs are NOT allowed
  • Smoking inside the premises is NOT allowed; this includes e-cigarettes;
  • Unauthorised use of professional photo and video cameras, or any other form of recording equipment, is strictly prohibited. Please see our FAQs for more info on the use of photo/video cameras;
  • You are not allowed to bring rucksacks/backpacks and large bags inside the venue; these can be placed in safekeeping in our guarded cloakroom;
  • You are not allowed to bring your own refreshments;
  • Chairs or other objects on which one can sit (perches, folding chairs, crutches, rollators and the like) are not allowed inside the venue hall;
  • Mobility scooters are NOT allowed inside the venue.