The Poppodium Boerderij team consists of:

Janine Karlas

Managing Director
Mail to janine@boerderij.org

Arie Verstegen
Mail to directie@boerderij.org

Herman Kuiper
Mail to boekhouding@boerderij.org

Paul Kamer
Facility Manager
Mail to paul@boerderij.org

Ron Ouwehand
Local Promoter
Mail naar booking@boerderij.org

Boris Stipdonk
Technical Manager
Mail to boris@boerderij.org

Tessa Kampman

Mail to production@boerderij.org

Miranda Gosenson

Ticketing, Booker Podiumcafe
Mail to administratie@boerderij.org

Sandra van Tilburg

Publicity & Programming Assistant
Mail to sandra@boerderij.org

Maartje Dekker

Education Officer
Mail to educatie@boerderij.org

Alice Bakker

Household employee
Mail to alice@boerderij.org

Photo: Marcel Boshuizen