Dutch Eagles

New Horizon + support Vanessa Peters solo

Dutch Eagles

A fantastic evening full of timeless music with the Eagles of the Low Countries. New Horizon is the new show of the Dutch Eagles. With unparalleled guitar solos and multi-harmony vocals, the hits and forgotten gems of the past are completely up to date again. Explore a new horizon of American country rock together with the Dutch Eagles.

Six passionate musicians take you on an unforgettable musical road trip through the 70s. For fifteen years they’ve been demonstrating their passion for this music, and they prove once again, with New Horizon, there’s no time for a standstill. Whether it’s Lyin' Eyes or Life in the Fast Lane, or an unexpected musical surprise: the Dutch Eagles invariably put their own stamp on the endless source of classics from the seventies. And they do so with gusto, like you’re used to. Experience it for yourself in New Horizon – the Dutch Eagles.

Support: Vanessa Peters solo
Singer-songwriter Vanessa Peters creates songs with thoughtful, introspective lyrics and irresistible melodies. For years she has been releasing beautiful albums and touring through Europe and the US. She is currently in the studio recording a new album which will be released at the end of 2023.

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