Geoff Tate

35 yrs operation:mindcrime +supports

Geoff Tate

Geoff Tate is one of the greatest rock & heavy metal singers of all time. As founder and singer of Queensrÿche he had many great successes. Operation: Mindcrime, the most successful album in the band's history, celebrates its 35th anniversary with a major European tour by Geoff and his own band. In addition, they will also play other big hits. Experience real metal, experience Geoff Tate!

The album Operation: Mindcrime is considered one of the 100 greatest heavy metal albums of all time. And Geoff as one of the most accomplished vocalists in the genre. He has been a great influence for many popular artists. Together with his band he will once again provide an impressive evening at the Boerderij!

This evening’s opener is LEKSI (replacing Mark Daly). Special guest is Headless.

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