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Norwegian band Gothminister is without a doubt one of the most iconic gothic/industrial metal acts. Founded in 1999 by Bjørn Alexander Brem, the band has released seven albums to date, with most recent album Pandemonium released in October 2022.

This album was named 'Winner Best Album of the Year' during the Dark Music Awards of renowned dark music magazine Terra Relicta. They left behind big names like Lord Of The Lost, Placebo, Rammstein and The Cult, which shows how many devoted fans the band has. The band has 250,000 listeners every month on Spotify. Gothminister won more awards not only for their music but also for their videos. This particular atmosphere, they also bring pitch black magic and cinematic goth to the stage!

King Satan

King Satan is a Scandinavian industrial metal band. The band is an ever-changing beast; each album is different but unmistakably King Satan. They combine elements of electronic music with aggressive beats, heavy percussion and growling vocals. The image of the band is occultism, but also carnivalesque. The incredibly energetic and engaging personality of singer King Alesteir Satan only adds to the spectacle.

Founded by Vigos von Lies in 2014, is a four-piece industrial dark glam metal band from Italy with a lot of live experience. They have already performed with Katatonia, Lacuna Coil and Cradle of Filth, among others. The sound of the band is a mix of industrial metal, softcore, goth. Think Rammstein, Marilyn Manson and Type O Negative.

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