My Breath My Music

"My Breath My Music In Concert" is a benefit concert for and by young people with severe disabilities. The eponymous foundation "My Breath My Music" develops electronic musical instruments for children and young adults with disabilities enabling them to play music. During the benefit concert a number of young musicians with physical limitations will perform on stage. They are accompanied by a host of Dutch artists, including ambassador Candy Dulfer.
One of the electronic instruments being played during this afternoon is the Magic Flute, a beautiful and easy to play wind instruments. Most young musicians who play during the concert are suffering from a progressive muscle disease. The special feature of the Magic Flute is that you can play this instrument without using your hands. With the cooperation of: Candy Dulfer + Secret Guests, Remy Stroomer, Bigband Enterprise, The Bridge Band, DJ Storm Stan Stolk, Jan van Bijnen, Tanja van Schuylenburg, Karin, Florine, Anne, Elda, Marleen, Deva, Karin, Ivo, Joris, Ruud, Quezaida, Christian, Dewi, Michel, Robin, Glenn and Korneel. Proceeds from this special concert will go entirely to the foundation "My Breath My Music".

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