NITS has been the most elusive band in the Netherlands for 45 years, with an awe-inspiring oeuvre. Still on the road with shows full of dynamics, humour, virtuosity and a deep European melancholy, all with stylish versatility.
NITS' most recent album "Knot" (November 2019) contains eleven songs, recorded in the band's very own "Werf" studio in Amsterdam. The music originated from improvisations, what you could actually call a form of 'instant composing'. Three long sessions resulted in 20 hours of recorded music and fragments of lyrics. The music was condensed into 11 songs, Henk Hofstede later used these fragmented word-improvisations as inspiration when writing the final lyrics. The theme of "Knot" covers a wide range of topics. Experiences from his immediate surroundings are mixed with observations, experiences and fantasies. A dance party in Ostend connects Marvin Gaye to James Ensor (Dead Rat Ball), clearing out the parental home finds its way through Rachel Whiteread (The Concrete House), a character from a thriller drives the lyrics of Music Box with Ballerina forward.

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