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Dutch super talent Nona was named 3FM Talent and made quite an impression with her first single: 'It's Alright'. Nona is in her twenties, but has the voice of an old soul: mature, full of raw emotion and soul and, above all, heartwarming. Think of the great soul singers of the past! Nona's music is strongly influenced by her love for the classics, but hip-hop and pop are also clearly audible.

Everything has a beginning and the beginning of Nona's music started in her parental home, a bastion of love for music. She was encouraged to learn to play music; she tried flute, piano and guitar, but the best instrument turned out to be her voice! All through childhood she has been writing her own lyrics, in an apparently endless stream of notebooks filled to the brim with lyrics. "I'm always writing. Honestly, always ... ". Nona tours with her six-piece (sometimes even nine-piece) live band with whom she performs at clubs and festivals, from Noorderslag and Paaspop to Down The Rabbit Hole and Parkpop. "The way an artist performs live is all-important". So that's what she wants, performing her songs live, to everyone, everywhere. "There's nothing quite like seeing and hearing a band play live. That's when you really feel it, that's exactly what I want! "

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