Progdreams VIII (Day 2)

In September 2019 the 8th edition of the Progdreams Festival will take place. The indoor festival has grown into an annual event that many prog fans from home and abroad look forward to. The prog scene seems livelier than ever and we received requests from bands from all over the world for a spot at the festival. Once again we managed to present you with an interesting selection and put together a versatile line-up.
We have a total of 12 bands performing over three festival days. Both established names and newcomers get the chance to present themselves to fans of the genre. We have both day-tickets and passe-partouts for three days for sale. FRIDAY 20 SEPTEMBER 19:15 Sky Architect 20:45 The Paradox Twin 22:30 Von Hertzen Brothers SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 15:00 The Dame 16:30 IT 18:30 Verbal Delirium: 20:00 IO Earth 22:00 Gazpacho SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 15:00 Franck Carducci 17:00 Gabriel Played Live by Brian Cummins 19:00 John Hackett Band 21:00 The Watch (programma en tijden onder voorbehoud)
  • IO Earth

    IO Earth is the band of keyboardist Adam Gough and guitarist Dave Cureton. They determine the sound that evokes associations with Iona, Blackmore's Night, Magenta, Epica, Within Temptation, Mostly Autumn, Karnataka and Flaming Row. But IO Earth sounds different, unique. The band shows a multitude of styles. At the beginning of 2018 the fourth IO Earth album was released. On this new album, called "Solitude", singer Rosanna Lefevre can be heard for the first time.

  • The Dame

    The Dame takes you back to the romantic era of the roaring 20's: back rooms in smoky nightclubs, whiskey in coffee mugs ... This Hague-based progressive rock band is busy making a name for itself. The voice of frontwoman Marian van Charante is clear and sensual. Their debut album "Losing Sight of What You Want" (2018) was immediately picked up by the renowned progmedia in Holland. "An album full of passionate, timeless music that is as honest as gold" according to Dick van de Heijde (Progwereld).

  • Verbal Delirium

    In 2006 Jargon (composer and writer) created Verbal Delirium. Influenced both from the alternative and the fundamentally progressive sounds of rock, the band's 1st official album "So Close & Yet So Far Away" was released in 2010. The album received very positive feedback by reviewers.In February 2013, Verbal Delirium released, their 2nd official album "From The Small Hours Of Weakness". It is dark, ambient, experimental and it reveals the band's tension to explore new musical horizons.? Verbal Delirium participated in important European and Greek live events: Prog Power Europe (October 2013) in the Netherlands with Fates Warning and Shadow Gallery as headlining acts, Summer's End Festival in UK. In October 2016, "The Imprisoned Words Of Fear", Verbal Delirium's 3rd album became available worldwide.. The latest instalment in the band's musical evolution, while still grounded in the Seventies school of progressive rock, incorporates heavier elements from metal, the intricate instrumentation and strong melodic grounding of jazz, along with electronica elements. The band had the honor to be included at HRH Prog festival 2017 line up and performed with high acceptance in front of an enthusiastic audience. Reviews and comments after the show were amazing.

  • IT

    IT is a progressive rock band from London. A band with a colossal sound that rattles the bones, with a barrage of images that nourishes the mind. IT's sound combines the classic melodies from prog rock with a passion and intensity that is usually only found in punk or metal bands. Topics such as politics, religion, war and sexuality are addressed and the lyrics are intelligent, challenging and occasionally have a dark sense of humour. IT challenges your way of thinking, your emotions as well as your memory.

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