Rowwen Hèze

Rowwen Hèze will be embarking on a club tour in 2019 as part of their new album "Voorwaartsch" (forward, old-skool Dutch), released in April. "This one word says it all; old-fashioned style forward. Old-fashioned because it's still the same band, and forward because the music keeps bringing us forward" according to frontman Jack Poels. "In a live setting things can loosen up a little, it doesn't have to be a finely tuned machine. If a festival or party tent equals the highway, then the club is the scenic route. Like a nice walk along your favourite back road at the start of the year. Along songs from the past, but also new material from our album which will be released in April; forward! To end up in the pub once again to blow the roof off. As we always do".
he name Rowwen Hèze is now an established one. It can be found in theatres, marquees, clubs and festivals for over thirty years. Restrained and exuberant, melancholic and festive. Exciting energetic songs, polkas, Irish folk and Tex Mex interspersed with sensitive ballads. With lyrics that lovingly describe everyday life. Important issues such as love and death, reduced to the smallness of a village. A performance at pop stages/clubs is characterized by sweat, beer and a singing, cheering crowd. Sing along to "Auto, Vliegtuug" and "Bestel Mar". At the end of the evening, when everyone goes home tired but satisfied, we get one step closer to the day the whole of Holland talks Limburg dialect, referring to a line from one of their songs.

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