Cesar Zuiderwijk & Mario Goossens

In December 2019, this band did their try-out at De Boerderij, and they are now performing in all major venues and at well-known festivals. And now Sloper is back at De Boerderij. Drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) and colleague Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) had been impressed by each other for quite some time and recruited British guitarist and golden-voiced Peter Shoulder (Winterville, The Union and Silverthorne) and guitarist Fabio Canini from Belgian Limburg to set up this musical deconstruction company together (Sloper is Dutch for ‘wrecker’)

The foursome immediately set to work with a heavy classic rock sound, which, thanks to the unique sound of double bass drums and Shoulder's voice, stands out and stands head and shoulders above the ground. Classic stuff with a modern, irresistible sound. These four hungry musicians feel the sacred fire burning and are eager to let it rip. Expect heavy riffs, great drums (duh) and perhaps most important: decibels. Sometimes it's just simple. Rock'n'roll is here to have fun, to go wild and enjoy riffs and (drum) rolls.

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